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CFP: 2nd Conference on Small Forms

2nd Conference on Small Forms

with a special section on Nothing

26-27 June 2017

Institute of English Studies, University of Lodz

The aim of the conference is to discuss the challenges of creating and analyzing small linguistic, multimodal, and literary forms. We are most interested in whether highly concise expression involves any special strategies and mindset. We invite contributions from linguists, literary scholars, arts and media scholars, on any aspect of this topic, including e.g.:

  • Theoretical reflection on the semantics, pragmatics, and stylistics of small forms
  • The specifics of such forms as micro-poetry and micro-fiction; concrete and visual poems; haikus, limericks; aphorisms, epigrams; nursery rhymes; short news stories; video clips; jokes; ads; Internet memes; Facebook posts and comments; twits; short text messages; etc.

As a logical extension of our topic, we also hope to hold a special section on Nothing – the cases of null form, but some semantic content (think 'meaningful silence'; John Cage's 4'33'', etc.)

Language: English

Dates: Abstract submission/ Notification of acceptance: 1 May 2017. Brief abstracts (up to 200 words) should be sent to Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.
Deadline for registration: 15 May 2017
Conference: 26-27 June 2017

Conference fee: 80 EUR for participants with foreign affiliation; 320 PLN for participants with Polish affiliation


Conference organizers:
Prof. Alina Kwiatkowska, Prof. Kamila Ciepiela, Dr Aleksandra Majdzinska (conference secretary)
Department of English and General Linguistics
Institute of English Studies, University of Lodz, Poland