Assistant Professor, PhD
Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church, Faculty of Arts, Department of Hungarian Linguistics
DIAGram Functional Linguistic Workshop

Research area
My aim is to propose a pragmatic approach to the study of language history ¦ within the framework of functional cognitive linguistics ¦ as well as to focus on the theoretical and methodological questions of historical pragmatics, the developments in the history of Hungarian ¦ with special regard to the process of comprehension ¦, the (linguistic) representation of the constantly changing empirical space and conceptualization taking place therein. Furthermore, I also investigate the influence of mediality on language use, the changes in the history of punctuation marks from the perspective of pragmatics, perspectivization and the modes of quoting from the perspective of pragmatics/cognitive semantics. Finally, I deal with historical pragmatics/semantics based on the approaches of philosophical hermeneutics, reception theory and phenomenology.