SCHNELL, Zsuzsanna

University of Pécs, Institute for Cultural and Social Sciences
Department of Cultural Theory and Applied Communication Studies
Department of Linguistics
Language development research laboratory (UP Baby-Lab)

Research area

  • Developmental approach: the unfolding of pragmatic competence in ontogeny
    The experimental study of the development of pragmatic competence, its cognitive developmental background; idiomatic language abilities, with special interest in metaphor, irony, humor, indirect utterances, speech acts and their acquisition; cognitive psychology and pragmatics; mentalization (Theory of Mind) and language, their relation from a cognitive developmental perspective discourse analysis and its cognitive developmental background
  • Pragmatic competence in neuropsychiatric disorders; idiomaticity and schizophrenia; discourse analysis in atypical cases of neurocognition
    Neurolinguistic correlates of pragmatic competence: atypical language use and development, atypical mentalization abilities and their relations to non-compositional language use; experimental research on pragmatic competence in schizophrenia, in view of mentalization deficit; discourse analysis in neuropsychiatric disorders and schizophrenia
  • Psycholinguistics
    Language acquisition, with special focus the acquisition and productive use of idiomatic expressions (metaphor, irony, humor, indirect utterances); cognitive linguistic aspects of the processing of non-compositional constructions; the cognitive psychological background of pragmatic competence; experimental study of language acquisition, especially in its late phases like pragmatic competence of children, in relation to their cognitive mentalizing abilities (ToM); language and thought, language and the mind, linguistic relativism and idiomaticity