BIBOK, Károly

CSc, Associate Professor
University of Szeged, Department of Russian Philology
MTA–DE-SZTE Research Group for Theoretical Linguistics, Szeged Workgroup

Research area
Lexical pragmatics (a conception which critically integrates the views of two-level conceptual semantics, constructionist approaches and Relevance Theory).
Research topics:
(1) The underspecified lexical-semantic representations of Hungarian and Russian verbs and nouns.
(2) The interaction between the aforementioned representations and encyclopedic knowledge as well as contextual information in the construction of utterance meaning.
(3) Constructional and contextual meanings ¦ new ways of understanding polysemy.
(4) Different types of contexts and ways of conceptual/pragmatic interpretation.
(5) The relationship between grammar and pragmatics.
(6) Methodological aspects of scientific research