The Lancaster Pragmatics Summer School

If you want to warm up for the 13th International Pragmatics Conference in September in New Delhi, or if you are not fortunate enough to go, consider the following:

The Lancaster Pragmatics Summer School:
30 Years of Pragmatics at Lancaster

A two-day event: Saturday 13th July to Sunday 14th July 2013.
Thirty years ago saw the publication of Geoffrey Leech’s Principles of Pragmatics. To mark that event and the subsequent flowering of pragmatics at Lancaster, we are holding a Pragmatics Summer School.


The distinguishing feature of this event is that all the speakers will have taught or been taught, or both, at Lancaster. They include:

  • Geoffrey Leech
  • Jenny Thomas
  • Ken Turner
  • Helen Spencer-Oatey
  • Jonathan Culpeper
  • Maria Elena Placencia
  • Dawn Archer
  • Derek Bousfield
  • Claire Hardaker

Topics areas include: the semantics-pragmatics interface, cross-cultural pragmatics, intercultural pragmatics, variational pragmatics, historical pragmatics, Spanish pragmatics, pragmatics and corpus linguistics, (im)politeness, (im)politeness and CMC.

This event is intended primarily for postgraduate research students, and secondarily for Masters-level students, postdoctoral researchers and academics.

The programme consists of a series of intensive 75 minute sessions (which includes ample time for questions and discussion). Each speaker will provide an overview of their intellectual trajectory, how it fits/shapes the field of pragmatics, and discuss an issue and/or method they are currently working on. We will also include a briefer session on getting published in pragmatics.

Further details can be found here: